Here, there and everywhere.

Here, there and everywhere.

The past month has been so intense and exhausting that I passed out for 12 hours straight last night. Such bliss. At this current point in time I have no idea where I’m sleeping each night, so I’m just figuring things out as I go along. I write on a gloriously sunny day on a train that is passing through the Alps, rivers of crystal clarity far below, surrounding evergreen forests, and snow-tipped…

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Citizen of Rome

Although I have no idea what Rome is like, nor what it’s citizens are like, I do in fact know what Romania is like, for which the meaning “citizen of Rome” is derived. Laden with even more weight than usual, I arrived in Timisoara on a sunny Saturday afternoon with the girl that I would be teaching English with for the following two weeks. A lot of the weight could be attributed to lots of paper…

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Another long night travelling, using almost all forms of transport and writing a blog at half three in the morning whilst sitting on the floor of Luton Airport marks the beginning of another summer adventure. It’s surprisingly busy actually, lots of people arriving, sitting around and chatting, and the lucky few sleeping slouched in comfy chairs and sofas at the courtesy of Starbucks.

My last…

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The success of failure.

The success of failure.

It was an only a few days ago that I was sitting in one of the many grand halls in St Andrews, realising that I should be focusing on the quantum mechanics problem in front of me instead of bouncing about in my chair. I was surprised that I could remember how to derive the first-order energy correction of perturbation theory, having answered the question only a few hours before for revision. But…

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The 40th day

It is said that the soul departs on the 40th day. Today is this day. I have tried to take Peter’s death as positively as possible. For me, it was hardest spending each day knowing that he was missing, expecting the worst, dreading the next ignorant message from a friend saying he’s probably fine and chilling somewhere, because I feared that if he was alive, he was alone and suffering beyond a…

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Desert Rain

Either I’ve still not come down to earth after a retreat in the Sahara Desert or I really like to queue, because I almost missed my flight home again. I was happily waiting in line to board the plane when I suddenly realised that the screen read Madrid,…

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Raisin, teachings and tings.

As per usual, time has flown by so quickly I haven’t even had the chance to blink. I’ve managed to keep up with Swing dancing, and after two weeks I decided that I would attend the Intermediate classes. Subsequently, I have progressed pretty rapidly,…

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The beginning of the end.

Since my return to St Andrews I’ve barely stopped to breathe. 9 days later and I’ve finally managed to find the time to organise the chaos that was my room and even write this blog entry. As I stepped off the bus, the clouds dispersed and the sun shone,…

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"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world."

I am nearing the end of my never-ending summer adventure. I arrived in Carlisle at 4am, 3 hours ago, and have 2 hours to go until the bus to Hawick departs. For the past hour I have been trying to regain the warmth in my toes in a fine establishment you…

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Back from there again.

343 days later and I am irresistibly close to home. The flight attendants have Scottish accents and I am on the verge of being overwhelmed.

It was hard leaving paradise. I had a 12 hour layover in Vancouver on my way to Germany from Hawaii where I met up…

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